Welcome to the La Jolla Solar Program!

La Jolla Solar Program Participants are Eligible to Receive Cash-Back

Launched January 2014, this Program has been developed to encourage the creation of a strong solar community within the La Jolla community. Sullivan Solar Power created and is administering this program with a vision is to revolutionize how our community generates energy, replacing dirty fossil fuels with clean, localized, solar power energy.

Participants are able to go solar for $0 upfront with a monthly payment equal to or less than current electric bill rates through August 29. In order to create a critical mass, property owners who partake can receive substantial cash-back incentives, in addition to the environmental benefits solar provides.

To participate in the La Jolla Solar Program, you must sign a contract with Sullivan Solar Power before the program closes. The La Jolla Solar Program is exclusive to property owners residing in the communities of La Jolla, Bird Rock and University City in San Diego. The incentive program is limited to 100 participants or 500,000 Watts, whichever occurs first. Homeowners in La Jolla can receive cash-back incentives of up to $1,500.

Sullivan Solar Power is the creator and administer of the La Jolla Solar Program  and has more large-scale commercial projects in La Jolla than anywhere else in Southern California. Sullivan Solar Power has been in business for 10 years and has installed more solar  in the San Diego Gas & Electric service territory than any other firm.  Noteworthy local solar project completed by Sullivan Solar Power include the following:

  • NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center
  • UC San Diego Englekirk SIO
  • UC San Diego Bachman parking structure
  • UC San Diego Trade St.
  • UC San Diego Campus Pointe
  • UC San Diego Nimitz
  • UC San Diego Charles David Keeling Apartments
  • UC San Diego Elliot Field


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